For those minimising the outside world in the lead up to their birth home sessions are a safe and creative way to capture the home you grew your baby in.


Studio Sessions run to a certain work flow


Should we go to the beach, the rain forest or the pine forest. Lets make something fun


Will You Guide Me?


Absolutely! We will do some natural movements and bounce ideas off each other. Thats what I'm here for to help you with the poses and incorporate your ideas!

When looking for a maternity photographer, make sure to choose someone with whom you can get comfortable and easily get along! Find the right Photographer for you!

What Should I Bring During the Shoot?


As a general rule matching undergarments, neutral colours and soft fabrics. Avoided "cupped" things or wires it leaves marks and bumps.

A "over sized" boyfriend business shirt it looks super cute with a bump out!

A "big look" like a glam over the top dress or a long flowy skirt feel. It will make for some beautiful dramatic imagery.

I have maternity gowns are available in my studio.

other than that I always suggest a warm outfit to change into and a towel if we are on location as you will likely get into water or mud or something random.

Should I Get a Spray Tan?


I say no personally, as some of my edits could make you orange and you will have a delay getting images back as I reduce that.

Most mothers would go for a spray tan to add effect and more glow to their skin during the maternity photo shoot, which could look good .

if you are going to tan go lighter and avoid your hands and feet hard!

Should I Have My Hair and Makeup Done?


You can if that makes you feel more comfortable. Personally I do a basic coverage but thats just how I feel about my skin.

If you want to look glamorous go hard, if you love your natural face do that!

I don't provide hair and make up however.

When Is the Best Time To Do The Shoot in My Pregnancy?


I say from 34 weeks onwards. Babies can come earlier or later so if this isn't your first you will have a general idea of how your body works.

Time of day Sunrise or sunset in general however a in home session. Start taking notice of when the best light comes into your house. depending on its positioning and what rooms you love the most you will see where the light comes in.

Studio sessions whatever time of day. I have lights.

How do I book?


Simply follow the link below to contact me.

We will find the best time and location for you.

In order to lock in your booking you must accept you, quote, answer the questionnaire and pay your deposit. No date is held until these three things have been done.