We now visit early learning centres & kindergartens, offering families more treasured, candid and high quality images and products.

Bringing back the old school nostalgia of 90's kindergarten and childcare photography with modern quality

Remember the good old days of cute set ups that reflect a child’s personality but also created a wholesome photo of your child and their whole class*.

Families can book and pay a deposit for their child's images via simple enveoples or the booking QR code on your centres poser. They will receive their images via an online gallery delivered to their email and can then finalise which images, package and add-ons they would like. Payment and orders are all finalised inside your gallery via an online store.

I have created a variety of packages to cater for all budgets as well as offering digital packs and add-ons for flexibility. 

Being a professional photographer means that I have access to Brisbane’s best professional printing lab so can also offer quality prints.

For more information or should your centre wish to engage my services for 2023 or beyond please send me an email halouphotography@gmail.com



Contact Halou Photography via email to book in your photo day for the year.


Info Packet

Halou Photography will send out your centres posters and some envelopes. Parents can hand in envelope leading up to Photo Day or Book in online


Photo Day

Halou Photography will send out a Blue Card Registered Photographer who will shoot each room individually and group photos


Delivery Day

Parents will receive an email with their secure gallery link with their children and the group photo. The centre will receive a Link to all the group photos.

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Covering all areas in and around Brisbane, Halou Photography - Childcare and Kindy Photography provides exceptional kindergarten, daycare and childcare centre photography.

Parents are are under no obligation to purchase photos - they decide after they have seen them.

Centre directors and staff enjoy our relaxed and low key approach to photographing the children.