In the warmth of the sun,

By the creek, they did come,

A little girl and her mum,

With love and laughter, they were overcome.

The water glistened, so clear,

As they waded in, without any fear,

The little girl giggled, so sincere,

Her mum smiled, as they drew near.

Together they searched for treasures,

Stones, shells, and other pleasures,

The little girl's joy, beyond measure,

Her mum's heart, filled with love and leisure.

They splashed and played in the stream,

As the sun shone down, like a beam,

The little girl's eyes, filled with a dream,

Her mum's embrace, like a warm and loving theme.

The world around them, disappeared,

As they played and laughed, without any fear,

The little girl's heart, so endear,

Her mum's presence, so near.

They shared a moment, so precious,

The little girl's heart, so spacious,

Her mum's love, so gracious,

Together, they felt so alive and vivacious.

In the warmth of the sun,

By the creek, they did come,

A little girl and her mum,

Their love, like the water, forever to run.

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