What to Expect from your Maternity Session

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on what to expect from your maternity session – a journey we’re thrilled to embark on with you. This guide is meticulously crafted to ensure you feel prepared, confident, and excited about capturing this incredible chapter of your life.


On the day

I'll send you a text once I'm en route. Once I arrive, we can have a conversation about any additional session objectives that might not have come up earlier. I strongly urge you to share any Pinterest boards or images that inspire you. My aim is to cultivate a wealth of diversity in our creative endeavors. Please don't hesitate to explore any ideas you're interested in or provide suggestions. All forms of feedback are invaluable. If you find yourself in a situation where you're not entirely at ease, please communicate—it's important to me that we work together to find a solution that puts you at comfort. Remember, this session is tailored to you. Throughout, I'll also be showcasing elements I find captivating or strategies that are proving successful.


After the Session

Within 6 weeks you will receive an email with your gallery link, any codes you may need and any further instructions needed. However we aim for under a week.

Your Gallery will be loaded onto a sever called Pixieset that allows us to securely load your images and provide you with quick downloadable high resolution and social media quality images.

If you havent purchased any image packages yet you can buy your images then if you have you will be sent a code that allows you to download your allotted amount . You can also purchase any prints through the store option.

Any additional purchasing will take place through the pixieset store.

The Gallery will walk you how to use your gallery.

If you pick Full Gallery when you booked you will receive a download code that allows you download your images for up to 6 months.


skin colour underwear

For a seamless and enchanting visual experience, I recommend considering the option of wearing matching neutral underwear or feeling comfortable going braless. Of course, this choice is entirely based on personal preference, but it tends to result in captivating and effortlessly harmonious imagery. The idea is to enhance the sense of continuity and magic in the visuals we create together. Your comfort and preferences are paramount, so feel free to decide what feels right for you and aligns with your vision for the imagery.


While it's not an absolute requirement, you might find that a simple oversized business shirt in white, colored, or black—whatever resonates with your style—can create a wonderful and natural look for showcasing your growing baby bump. This versatile choice allows for a graceful portrayal of your journey while maintaining a sense of comfort and authenticity. The decision is entirely up to you, and I encourage you to choose what feels right and compliments your personal style while capturing the essence of this remarkable phase in your life.

BE uniquely YOU

In today's world, we're bombarded with images dictating how moments should appear. However, I encourage you to fully embrace your authentic selves and celebrate your family as you are in this very moment. Let go of the idea of conforming to a timeless ideal—after all, this is 2023. Embrace the uniqueness of your interests, your appearance, and the fashion that reflects the current era.

This is your time to shine in all your genuine glory. Embrace the quirks and intricacies that make your family who you are today. Let's capture the essence of this present moment, with all its distinctiveness, because it's these genuine, unfiltered moments that truly tell your story and make it resonate in the here and now.

A statement piece

As you embark on this journey of documenting your incredible growing body, consider selecting an over-the-top robe or dress that truly makes a statement. Now that you've embraced the idea of capturing this beautiful phase, why not take it a step further and opt for something breathtaking and wind-swept? This choice can add an element of drama and elegance to your images, elevating the visual storytelling.

Additionally, inquire about the available wardrobe options from the Halou collection for your session date. Exploring these possibilities might reveal even more opportunities to create captivating and unique imagery that beautifully showcases your journey. Remember, this is about celebrating your remarkable experience in a way that resonates with you, so feel free to embrace the extravagance and find the perfect attire that reflects your personal style and the significance of this moment.

Picking a colour Pallette

Maintaining visual harmony is key, so a helpful guideline is to select a palette of three complementary colors to ensure cohesiveness. I'll be bringing along dresses, wraps, and beanies that align with an "autumn" color palette, but if shades like greens, blues, or blacks resonate more with you, do have those prepared as well.

Since I include the entire family in the session, it's a great idea to have outfits ready for any other children you have. This ensures that the overall look remains harmonious and captures the essence of your family unit. The goal is to create a set of images that not only beautifully document your journey but also reflect the unique character of your family. Feel free to choose colors and styles that resonate with your vision, while keeping in mind the cohesiveness that can truly enhance the storytelling aspect of the session.

Do you have a question?

i will bring outfits but do please message me with thoughts or concerns



Water imagery and the aesthetic of wet, clinging dresses hold great significance for me. Yet, I understand that personal preferences can differ, and if this style doesn't resonate with you, that's perfectly alright. Your comfort and preferences are of utmost importance, and I'm here to accommodate your vision and ensure that you're at ease throughout the process. Please feel free to share your thoughts and preferences so that we can collaboratively create a session that aligns with your tastes and comfort level.


Consider the key figures who play a pivotal role in your birthing journey: your partner, siblings, parents, or anyone you wish to have by your side offering unwavering support. Their presence is essential in authentically capturing the complete narrative of your birth experience. Including them in the documentation ensures that every facet of this transformative moment is beautifully preserved for posterity. Their support, love, and connection contribute to the richness of the story we're striving to tell. Whether it's your partner holding your hand, a sibling providing a reassuring presence, or parents sharing in the anticipation, their inclusion paints a comprehensive portrait of the profound journey you're embarking upon.

Are you comfortable with skin on skin imagery

Our bodies undergo a constant journey of growth and change, sometimes deviating from the ideals we once held. It's rare to encounter a maternity mother who feels an unwavering 100% love for her changing body. Nevertheless, as time passes—5, 10, 15 years down the road—you might find yourself yearning for those precious moments when you could feel your baby nestled within you. The beauty of skin-on-skin imagery lies in its artistry; it captures an intimate connection that speaks to the profound bond between a mother and her child.

If you've had the chance to explore my previous work, you'll likely know that a significant portion of it centers around the naturalness of skin-on-skin visuals, often involving implied nudity. If this aligns with your comfort level, it opens up the opportunity for breastfeeding captures or tender cuddling shots. However, if this isn't your personal inclination, please rest assured that there's absolutely no pressure. Your comfort and preferences take precedence—this is about creating an experience that reflects your unique journey. It's worth noting that such imagery can be exclusively for your personal enjoyment and need not be used for promotional purposes. However, if you're open to it, we'd appreciate your consent for any potential use of those images in marketing materials. Your autonomy and comfort are central to our approach.

Dont Over Think it

f your children happen to be a bit rambunctious that day or not quite in the mood, don't worry. Nature has a remarkable way of soothing them, and you might be surprised at how effortlessly it can bring about a sense of calm. It's interesting to note that sometimes, even when they're feeling a bit unruly, those in-between moments can capture a genuine and happy energy.

Think of our time together as a lighthearted outing accompanied by a slightly unconventional lady with a camera. There's no need to stress over how everyone looks or their current moods—we'll find a way to make it work.

It's important to me that everyone feels comfortable and at ease, especially the children. I want to assure you that I won't tolerate any yelling or pressure to make them smile or be happy. We have the luxury of time, and together, we can create a relaxed environment where everyone can be themselves. And if a little bit of bribery helps create those joyful memories, I'm completely on board. After all, this experience is about crafting lasting memories for everyone involved.


At Halou Photography, we deeply appreciate the privilege of showcasing our clients' galleries on our website and social media channels. However, we recognize the paramount importance of privacy to our valued clients. Prioritizing your wishes, we always seek explicit consent before featuring any images.

Your comfort and preferences matter most to us. Should you opt not to have your images shared with potential clients or displayed on our social media platforms, we wholeheartedly respect and uphold your decision.

Our commitment to safeguarding your privacy and that of your children remains unwavering. We firmly prioritize your privacy over any advertising or promotional considerations. If you've specified that certain individuals' faces should not be shown, rest assured that we will meticulously note your preferences in your records, ensuring that your wishes are meticulously adhered to.


At Halou Photography, your safety is our highest concern. While we revel in the joy of exploring new settings and unleashing our creativity, your comfort and security always take precedence. We approach each session with a combination of artistic vision and practical sensibility, ensuring that every direction and backdrop align with your comfort level.

If there's ever a moment when you feel even the slightest unease, please know that we're completely adaptable. Our top priority is your safety and the security of your loved ones. We're fully committed to making adjustments, seeking out alternative areas, or trying different poses until you're entirely at ease.

We're attuned to the unique considerations of outdoor sessions in Australia, where factors like snakes and spiders can pose potential risks. Rest assured, our photographer is well-versed in first aid practices and maintains vigilant awareness of the surroundings. We take proactive measures to safeguard the well-being of everyone present, ensuring that your session is not only creatively fulfilling but also entirely safe and secure.