Family photos should be celebrated like a special occasion, we want everyone to have fun and lock it in as a fun core memory! You have a excuse to beatify yourself wear your favourite outfits and feel real loved up and appreciative of your beautiful family!

Even though the Clothes Line Sessions are faster than a full Family Explore Session, I want them to feel as fun, magical and connected as possible.

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Halou Session Guides aim to reduce some of the anxiety that photoshoots can induce. If you have any questions that haven't been answered you have my email and number to text.


  1. What to Expect
  2. How to Prepare
  3. What to Wear
  4. Logistics

1. What to Expect


I will message you on the morning of double checking everyone is well and ready to enjoy some photos. I will also message you when I arrive at the location. Sometimes I change the exact location in the pine forest, this could be because there are other people around somethings it have rained or a bush has been driven over and because its so expansive there are lots of spots to choose from! I will send you a mini map via text message. But when in doubt look out of the grey outlander with a Halou Sticker on the back of the car.

The Shoot will be set up! Clothesline and all. With a little section of dresses to choose from for The Mummas and the Kids.

I shoot "naturally", Not to many cheese or forced smiles. We are aiming for semi natural interactions and unposed moments. I encourage over authentic expressions and leaning into that loved up cuddly moments. No need to coax your children into fake smiles! Most Children naturally do lean for the smile so I will encourage them to enjoy the time and you may hear a lot "Stop looking at me look at ......"

I encourage lots of toilet jokes, playing tickling and snuggling. Really lean into the exaggerated over love feeling. Its not fake, its just how you would naturally interact magnified. I will also encourage you all to get uncomfortably close. I want you all up against each other minimising gaps.

We explore our area as-well expect to move around a lot. We want the most variety of images! I am a gross over deliver I struggle to cull those slight faces changes because I think they tell this amazing story.


After your session, I will be working hard behind the scenes to cull the best photos Your gallery is typically ready within 2 weeks of your session however can take up to 8 weeks.

Depending on your package, I will soon deliver a watermarked proofing gallery so you can select your favourite images to keep, or upgrade your package after seeing the photos. You have two weeks to select your five images for printing.

After you have selected your 5 images for printing, I will be sending all images off in a batch, so from the two week selection deadline, it could take up two two weeks to print and for Australia post have them reach you.

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1. How to prepare

Plan your outfits in advance. See What to wear.

Hype your children up!let them know what’s happening, especially helpful if they have a particularly shy child. It can be a fun memory exploring a magical forest set up! tell them all the pine cones they could pick and the wildflowers to smell. While talking about the children. Lower your expectations on how the children "should act" just let them be them and magic will flow. Children will always get over stimulated or run around like crazy. I have no problems chasing them and getting a fun shot of them

Insider secret. Feed the everyone before the session. I know I'm happier after eating also I suggest if your ok with bribery have a treat idea ready. No one is above bribing. My kids love McDonald's so a happy meal and lemonade can incentivise their patience a little longer, especially after a highway drive.

Pack a change of clothes for the children, in case anyone gets muddy or dirty. As a photographer, I love when kids interact fully with their surroundings, and I’m thrilled to photograph them playing in water or running through the grass. As a parent, you might not be too keen to let them back into your car, covered in mud. Feel free to bring a change of clothes or shoes. Maybe even a towel. You never know!!

Also relax! Everyone is awkward unless you're always in-front of a camera or won the genetic lottery. We will have fun and I promise you have a beauty unique to you that I will enjoy editing!

3. What to Wear

I want to preface this whole portion by saying; This is your session, Your photos on Your walls. Wear what you love!

Dress for the weather! if its cold wear wooly jumpers and jacket, Beanies and Boots. It should be spring but still a little cool and in the forests so I suggest Boots or closed in shoes!

Look for complementary outfits less matching. Pick a base colour or palette and build off that outfit. I love earth tones and white; so naturally I'm more draw to those colours but so many people pull off colours I would never dream of. Flowery dress create visual drama.

There is no such thing as over dressing. Its a photoshoot wear all those amazing outfits you never do. You can even have a change of clothes moment if you wish. Also let the kids wear outfits they love, perfect clothes are great and all but family photos are a time capsule of your family!

Last thing for a great experience, enjoy your session. I love printed art because then you can see it and appreciate it in your home every single day. Its not just a digital file floating somewhere. I can’t wait to help you create something beautiful, timeless, and meaningful, just for your unique family.


We will be meeting in the pine forests Pumicestone Road, Caboolture. I will send you a pin drop on the day for the exact spot but the photo below is the general location I will be. Just look for the grey outlander with all the branding on the back

There is horrific reception in the forest so sometimes calls won't go through or they will be patchy.