I feel that people under rate a sunrise photoshoot due to the early rise, especially in summer. However I am here to tell you sunrise sessions are everything and always worth the dark rise.

1. The lighting is undeniably better than sunset. It creates perfect lighting last longer and i find images are cleaner and crisper while still providing the light leaks sooooo loved in the traditional afternoon golden light.

2. There is less people around. Especially on the beaches, It's mainly surfers and older folk walking their dogs.

3. Your more likely to have natural fog in your images that create a very magical element to your images, especially in winter.

4. There is less of a rushed feeling to get the right light as perfect sun leak lighting happen, but the sun also stays low enough longer to achieve flattering lighting.

5. Small children are far more co operative, we may not feel that way before our first coffee of the day but generally 5am is arguably better than 5pm. It gives us a longer attention span to shoot with

6. I personally I'm more likely to discount a sunrise session as i don't fill them as easily as sunsets. So if you have a special date you want to have photos on, your photographer is more likely to have that date available at sunrise

7. It's scientifically better for your body to rise with sun and witness the actually sunrise. Our bodies produce hormones and neurotransmitters witnessing the morning light that makes us feel good and healthier.

8. It's cooler, which really is only an advantage in summer. But winter shoots remember that fog will be far more dramatic.

8. It creates a tradition. Family photos especially are more than just images, they are a moment in time of your growing family. They are memories to look back and remember that special time you had to be present with each other in a fast paced routined world. Marking a day of the year every year to be present and celebrate your family. Time shared together in the place you are all fond of.

10. Coffee! Perfect family treat to celebrate the day and add to the memory of the moment to go to a local cafe after or even treat yourself to airbnb for the night before and really make a weekend of the moment.

Sometimes i look back at old shoots mentally and forget how epic they actually were. I remember how fondly i felt after this, how well it went, what a lovely family they were, how amazing it was to be at one of my favourite spots on the sunshine coast to experience the sunrise, but going back through them today, every shot is filled with joy and crisp lightened images. (Photographer self praise moment)

This session with Elisha was so much better than i remembered. Her sons were lovely and playful and so well mannered. Everyone was so genuinely loved up and wanted to be there with each other to create these memories. Her eldest even obliged to getting sucked away by the waves fully clothed! What a champ.

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