to Ferny Hills


has made a base to create

Hannah has shaped a space to welcome you , capture your family and allow you a stress-free experience in the lush surroundings of the homely suburb of Ferny Hills. With suburban street parking, you can access the studio on foot. Fresh fruit, drinks, and a cosy place to lay and cuddle your most loved people while Hannah captures your moments. Access to the client wardrobe, for all the beautiful mummas, makes your day as easy as possible. Leave behind the rush of the morning, and enter a space with you at its centre, where you're encouraged to relax, unwind and connect to those who matter most.

Relax with a hot or cold drink.
Style yourself in a Halou Wardrobe Dress.
Relax on the Couch
or Bring other children with some toys and books for entertainment.
Enjoy access to all the wraps, props and clothing.